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Some of our investment policy

Investment policy

Looking for distributors and agents from all over the world.


Investment commitments

1.Can get our sole agent or region agent price.


Investment encourage

1.When customer test machine, shoot video and give comment on the video, upload to Youtube, then we will give extra 20 per video to customer or to agents.

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Advantages selling points

1.Honesty, good quality, competitive price, excellent after-sales service. Pendrive(including installation video, user manual, operation video) will be sent together

Peer Advantage

Peer Advantage

1.More honesty. Customers’ satisfaction is our final aim,rather than profit itself.

Our advantages

Our advantages

1.Good quality is guaranteed. Before delivery out of factory, machine will be tested to guarantee machine operation smoothly.

Perfil de la empresa
Zhengzhou Gashili Machinery CO.LTD,es una empresa fabricante China nacida en 1998.Investigamos para conseguir nuevas maquinas y equipos que nos permitan diseñar, construer y fabricar nuestros propios productos y que sean capaces de ofrecer al cliente un valor añadido. Fabricamos todo tipo de maquínas y equipospara la agricultura y el procesado de sus materias primas y otrostipos de alimentos.Nuestra empresa,cuenta a día de hoy con más de 150 empleados.En estosaños, hemos establecido relaciones comercial es estables no solo a nivel nacional si no también en más 50 países y regionesa lo largo y ancho de todo el mundo, desde fabricantes a distribuidores o empresas de importación /exportación.Recibimos calidamente a nuestros clientes y estamos abiertos a abordar cualquier tipo de proyectoporextenso y complejo ya que creemos firmemente en la relaciónclientes/proveedor.
Our commitment

Our commitment

 1.-React and take action within 24 hrs

 2.-12 months warranty

Some preferential policies

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JUNE, 25


popular sale potato chips cutting machine

Features of the Machine

1. Stainless steel potato chips cutter can cut potato into potato slice, potato strip/stick, wave type slice etc.

2. Cut thickness can be adjusted freely 2-10mm.

3. Easy operation stainless steel potato chips cutter.

4. Capacity 100-800kg/h.

5. This stainless steel potato chips cutter is suitable for cutting potato, sweet potato, carrot, taro, cassava etc.

6. You can make potato chips and french fries by this machine which is stainless steel and automatic, It is the ideal processing equipment in the processing of French fries and potato chips.

JUNE, 25


New Products High pressure dry powder briquette machine

Unlike ordinary briquettes, dry powder briquettes need no binder during briquetting process.

With this machine, mineral powder wastes can be recycled and compressed into useful and high-density briquettes which are small in size and convenient for transportation.

Lime, alumina/aluminium powder, magnesium powder, ore powder, coke, bauxite, pigment,cryolite, chemical fertilizer, caustic soda or Sodium hydroxide, clay, coke, coal etc withoutusing binder.

JUNE, 25


Small Garlic Peeling Machine sent to Vietnam

Capacity 20kg/hour Peeling principle:

1.Using polyion composite material combine with revolving mechanics principle.No need to use air compressor.

2.Can peeling skin quickly in one minute,peeling rate can reach above 90%,most of garlic skin can be separated.

3.Durable,small volume,fast speed,low breakdown.Using method:Making garlic break into cloves,when separating cloves,should throw garlic terrier and garlic pedicle.Putting the garlic has been broke into cloves into machine,about 0.5kg in one time,starting machine 30-60 seconds,then opening the lid,taking garlic out,putting them into container,using hand to pick them up or using hairdryer to blow the extra garlic skin. them into container,using hand to pick them up or using hairdryer to blow the extra garlic skin.and automatic, It is the ideal processing equipment in the processing of French fries and potato chips.